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We partner with schools to offer coursework to students, either exclusively online or through a blended learning format.

Students earn badges leading to certificates for specific disciplines (safety, production, quality) and industry (manufacturing, aerospace). These credentials are recognized by our industry partners and open opportunities for future employment.


ThinSchool creates customized courses for organizations to onboard and train their new employees, as well as ongoing training for employee professional development. Courses include both technical skills and critical thinking/professional skills.

Course content and sequence are designed for the individual company. This ensures the relevant training is delivered to the correct audience at the precise time.

After an initial discovery session, we will design a coursework layout based on your objectives. Your team members will complete these online, self-paced courses according to your schedule.


With the completion of each course, ThinSchool's technology will track the team member's performance to discover their optimal learning style. Course delivery will adjust to the learner to maximize their opportunity for success.

Badges and certificates can be designed to track and reward course completion. 


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Workforce Fundamentals
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Quality in Manufacturing
Manufacturing Safety
Manufacturing Maintenance
Manufacturing Fundamentals

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ThinSchool is proud to partner with organizations committed to building the workforce of today and tomorrow.